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As the beauty and nails industry has words that some people don't often understand, I have decided to compile a list of words and their meanings to make it easier for the average person to get what I am talking about in my posts.

3D Acrylics - 3D nail art that are created by using a mix of liquid monomer and powder acrylic like in the creation of acrylic nail enhancements. 3D acrylics can either be bought, made using a mould or applied to the nail directly. To see an example of free hand acrylic nail art, please watch this video. To see how to use a 3D mould, please watch this video. Both of these videos are by 3TanjaJ3 on Youtube

B3F (or Big 3 Free) - B3F polishes are polishes that don't contain formaldehyde, toluene and Dibutyl phthalate (also known as DBP). Brands who sell B3F polishes include China Glaze, Zoya, OPI, Deborah Lippman, etc (normally the higher end brands). These polishes are better for pregnant woman who are concerned about how chemicals in nail polish will effect their developing child

Bullion Beads - Small metal or glass balls that can be applied to the nail to create an accent to the nail. It also adds a sense of texture by creating a 3D effect to the nail. To see bullion beads in action, please check out this tutorial by LOVE4NAILS on Youtube.

Bundle Monster - A brand of stamping nail art plates similar to Konad. These plates are good quality but a lot cheaper than Konad

Chevron - A technique of applying a French tip to the nail but instead of having a curved smile line, the Chevron French has a "V" tip. The name comes from the Chevron logo which was v-shaped

Crackle/Shatter finish - Nail polishes that are more of a top coat effect than an actual finish. You apply a complementing or contrasting colour to your nail then apply the crackle polish to the nail as normal. As it dries, the polish begins to crack and reveal the colour of the nail polish first applied underneath. These polishes come in a variety of finishes such as creme, shimmer or foil and look best with a glossy topcoat.

Creme finish - Nail polishes with solid colours with no glitters, shimmers,etc.

Dotting tool/marbelizer - A handy tool to have when you want to create dots for small circles, polka dots, eyes, bubbles and much more. They can also be used to swirl different drops of coloured paint or polish across the nail and come in various sizes

Duochrome finish - Polishes that flash a defferent colour depending on how the light hits the polish.

Dupe - A polish/eye shadow/blush that is similar to another polish/eye shadow/blush by a different brand or in the case of a limited edition shade, similar to something in the usual line (eg. MAC "Eyepopping" (LE) eye shadow and MAC "Bitter" (permanent) eye shadow).

Fauxnad -  term used to describe nail art stamping using plates other than Konad. These can come from multiple other sources such as Bundle Monster, ebay or Chez Delaney to name a few

Fimo - Made from polymer clay and come in long sticks which are then sliced across to create slices that are applied to the nail with topcoat. These canes can make quick work of creating interesting designs. They come in a variety of shapes such as fruits, flowers and animal faces. To see fimo used in action please watch this video by LOVE4NAILS on Youtube

Flaky finish - Nail polishes have a jelly base with fine opal particles which flash duochrome depending on the reflection of the light. Nfu Oh is the brand most famous for this finish nail polish but recently Sally Hansen and OPI have come out with some of their own.

Foil finish - nail polishes that have a metallic base to them with fine glitter particles (for Nail Foil see below).

Franken - A term used to describe creating your own nail polishes at home. This can be done by combining more than one nail polish together, by adding pigments or glitter to create something new

Frost finish - Nail polishes that have fine shimmer polishes which create obvious brush strokes when applied to the nail

Glass flecked finished - Nail polishes that have small glass particles in a jelly finish although these apply very smoothly on the nail

Glitter finish - Nail polishes that have a jelly base with chunky glitter suspended throughout. These finish nail polishes are often very hard to remove from the nail

Glitter sandwich - A polish technique where a layer of jelly polish is applied, followed by a layer of glitter, then another layer of jelly polish creating a "sandwich" effect

Glitter (powder) - Loose shimmering particles. These can come as a fine dust or come as 1mm particles or thicker

Gold Leaf - Sometimes called "nuggets" it a very fragile material and must be handled with great care. The application of this leafing is very similar to nail art foil where the nail is polished and allowed to dry and then foil adhesive is applied and allowed to get tacky. The leaving is then applied to the prepared area and sealed with top coat.

Holographic finish - Nail polishes that have a base colour with either a  scattered or linear rainbow reflection that changes depending on the light.

Holographic glitter finish - Nail polishes that are a solid colour polish with holographic glitter scattered sparsely throughout. This holographic glitter changes colours depending on the light

Indie nail polish - nail polishes created by independent companies. They are made from using nail polish base, glitters, pigments and spangles to create awesome nail art in a bottle

Iridescent finish - Nail polishes that will flash a different colour depending on the reflection of the light except it is not noticeable to call them duochromes

Jelly finish - Nail polishes that are similar to creme finish nail polishes except they are more sheer and are extremely glossy.

Konad - A brand of nail stamping which includes image plates, stamper, scraper and special polishes to create nail art
Lazer light - Little strips of holographic glitter which can be added to the nail to create an accent to your nail art. This can be applied by using a foil adhesive or top coat to create a tacky layer for the laser light to stick to and then applying it to the prepared area using tweezers or an orange wood stick.

Matte finish - Nail polishes that dry completely matte on the nail, they have no shimmer and no noticiable shine

Metallic/Chrome finish - Nail polishes that when applied to the nail make them look like they are made of liquid metal. These polishes are usually very good to use with a Konad or similar nail stamping system

Minx -Similar to nail foil although this form or nail art can only be applied by a nail professional. Minx are made of flexible polymer which applied to nail nail using heat, similar to shrink wrap

Multichrome finish - Nail polishes that are similar to duochrome finish nail polishes except instead of only reflecting one colour, they can reflect a rainbow of colours depending on how the light hits the polish. The rainbow reflection gives an oil slick appearance to the nail

Mylar (also known as ice chips) - Very similar to gold leaf except they come is small chips, not sheets. Mylar often has an iridescent or holographic appearance. It is applied to the nail by polishing the nail, allowing it to dry and then applying foil adhesive and allowing it to get tacky. Using an orange wood stick you can then press pieces of mylar onto the adhesive and then apply top coat to secure them to the nail.

Nail Art Foil - One of the easiest ways of creating an effective 2D nail art design. Foil is available in a wide variety of colours, patterns and finishes such as metallics, holographics and snake skin to name a few. To apply the foil you must first polish the nail and allow it to completely dry then apply a nail foil adhesive where you want the foil to be applied. When first applied to the nail, the adhesive is a milky white with a blue sheen to it. Once it becomes tacky it turns clear and you are able to apply your foil. The adhesive acts as a double sided tape removing the coloured foil from its cellophane backing
Nail art stickers - Similar to striping tape in the way that they have an adhesive backing on them and are applied to dry nail polish. These stickers often have intricate designs on them and come in a variety of designs such as swirls, flowers or insects. For a demonstration using nail stickers please watch this video by Tartofraises1 on Youtube (she is using peel offs used in scrap booking in this video but the concept is very similar).

Neon - Refers to more of a colour than a finish. They are very bright colours with a semi-matte finish

Ombré - A graduating fading technique which can be achieved by applying different shades of the same colour to each nail (pastel pink on the pinky finger, light pink on the ring finger, medium pink on the middle finger, hot pink on the pointer finger and maroon on the thumb). It can also be applied using a sponging technique using a variety of shade of the same colour on the one nail working from lightest to darkest.
Pearl finish - Nail polishes that are similar to frost, but they have a slight pearly sheen to them. They also create obvious brush strokes when applied to the nail.

Rhinestones - Small plastic or glass stones that are very popular as nail art accents. They come in lots of different sizes, shapes and colours and add sparkle, dimension and texture to any nail art design. To apply a rhinestone, apply a dab of top coat to the area where you want the gem placed, pick up the rhinestone with an orange wood stick or tweezers and place onto the top coat. Gently push down the rhinestones to make it stick then apply a topcoat over it to prevent it from moving.

Satin finish - Nail polishes that are similar to matte finish but they have a slight shine to them
Sheer finish nail polishes are similar to Jelly polishes except that they are used mostly for French polish applications, allowing the white of the French tip to show though. These polishes are usually salmon, pink or nude in colour

Shimmer finish - Nail polishes that have a coloured base with a shimmer added to them which gives the polish depth. The shimmer can either co-ordinate with the base colour or compliment it. The most popular shimmer is the silver shimmer

Spangles - Different shapes of large glitter used to create interesting nail art. They come in a variety of colours and shapes, from hollow hearts like the ones pictured to the left, to stars, flowers and hollow circles. They are applied to the nail over a tacky top coat using a orange wood stick or tweezers to place them on the nail. You then apply a top coat over the spangles to seal it.

Stamping Nail Art - A popular and easy way or creating intricate and pretty designs with little effort. A popular version of stamping nail art available today is the Konad stamping system. Stamping nail art requires the use of image plates (metal plates with images etched into the surface), polish, a scraper (to scrape away the excess polish from the nail plate) and a stamper.

Striping polishes - Small bottle of nail polish with very fine striping brushes which can be used to create lines and long fluid strokes. The brush can be difficult to use at first but with practice it is easy to get the hang of. To see striping polish in action please watch this video by LOVE4NAILS on Youtube.

Striping Tape - Comes in rolls or pages of various colour, widths and lengths. The tape has a sticky backing and it only applied to thoroughly dry nail polish. It must be then sealed with topcoat to prevent it peeling at the edges of the nail. To see striping tape in action, please watch this video by LOVE4NAILS on Youtube.

Suede finish - Nail polishes that are very similar to matte except they have an added shimmer to them

Water Marble - A technique where polish is dropped into water and swirled using a pin or orange stick to create interesting designs. The nail is then dipped into the center of the design and excess polish is removed from around the cuticle.


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